Jack's Folio - Designer Website Template

The Jack's Folio Webflow Template takes an alternative approach to portfolios, allowing artists to showcase their work in a unique and captivating way.
Jack's Folio - Designer Website Template

About the template

Jack's Folio is a premium Webflow Template that offers an alternative approach to portfolios, providing designers and creatives with a unique way to showcase their projects. The homepage of Jack's Folio is an animated experience that encourages users to select a project to explore further. It is only then that users can learn more about the artist, find contact details, and more. By structuring it this way, we ensure that the artist's incredible work is what captures attention and allows visitors to truly discover their projects.

The Jack's Folio Webflow Template includes easy CMS and Ecommerce setup. Within the template, you will find three CMS collections: Projects, Services, and Blog, along with a shop setup that simplifies the process of selling both physical and digital products.

For those seeking a unique and distinctive portfolio, Jack's Folio is an excellent choice. It provides a refreshing alternative to the traditional portfolio-building process, allowing individuals to express their creativity in a different light.

One of the standout features of Jack's Folio is the included Figma file. This is a great resource if you're planning to hire a Webflow specialist to customize your website, as they will be able to easily explore new design options using the predefined styles. To get your hands on the Figma file, simply email us at templates@wavesdesign.io with your order confirmation and we'll be happy to share it with you.

Jack's Folio template features:

  • Responsive - Jack's Folio is optimized to offer a frictionless experience on every screen. No matter how you combine our sections, they will look good on desktop, tablet, and phone.
  • Premium, custom, simply great - yes, we know... it's easy to say it, but that's the fact. We did put a lot of thought into the template. Jack's Folio was designed by an award-winning designer. Layouts you will find in our template are custom made to fit the industry after carefully made research.
  • Optimised for speed - we used our best practices to make sure your new website loads fast. All of the images are compressed to have as little size as possible. Whenever possible we used vector formats - the format made for the web.
  • Reusable animations - both complex and simple animations are an inseparable element of modern website. We created our animations in a way that can be easily reused even by Webflow beginners.
  • Modular - our template is modular, meaning you can combine different sections as well as single elements, like buttons, images, etc. with each other without losing on consistency of the design. Long story short, different elements will always look good together.
  • 100% customisable - on top of being modular Jack's Folio Portfolio Template was created using the best Webflow techniques, like: global Color Swatches, reusable classes, components and more.
  • Content Management System (CMS) - Jack's Folio includes a projects and blog collection that are made on the powerful Webflow CMS. This will let you add new content extremely easily
  • ECommerce - Jack's Folio comes with eCommerce set up, so you can start selling your services straight away.
  • Documented - We want to offer you the best experience when working on your new website. In the template you can find general information about editing Webflow sites.

Jack's Folio pages overview:

  • Homepage
  • About me
  • Archive
  • Project single page (CMS)
  • Service page (CMS)
  • Blog
  • Blog post (CMS)
  • Contact me
  • Legal (text page)
  • Shop
  • Product page (Ecommerce)
  • Category (Ecommerce)
  • Custom password protected page
  • Custom 404 page
  • Style guide
  • Licenses
  • Changelog
  • Start here page


Jack's Folio was made in an easy to customize way and includes "start here page", however, if you ever need help, find a bug, or just want to say how cool you think our design is, you can always contact us at templates@wavesdesign.io.

Jack's Folio
The Jack's Folio Webflow Template takes an alternative approach to portfolios, allowing artists to showcase their work in a unique and captivating way.
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You can combine different sections as well with each other without losing on consistency of the design.

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