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Industriepark Güstrow

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Industriepark Güstrow

Industriepark Güstrow GmbH

Updating online look of old real estate project using Webflow.

The industrial park encompasses 25.000m² commercial and warehousing space, as well as office space totalling 12.000m², which is used by a broad range of businesses.

Industriepark approached us in April of 2020 in order to help them with updating their online presence. By doing that they wanted to attract new and modern customers.

Together with new Webflow website they were looking to update their logo and colour palette.

As the project had limited budget we used Webflow Spark Template to speed up the process. Industriepark is a great example of affordable redesign for old business that has big potential but still uses website from 90's era.

To fulfil their goals we:
• created beautiful landing page in two languages
• redesigned their logo with new sans-serif font
• updated their colours to more modern shades of green.

Check out the results below!

Logo redesign

Color palette



Home loading animation

Homepage responsive design

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