January 26, 2024

The Best Agency Webflow Templates Of 2024

We've compiled a list of the best Agency Webflow Templates of 2024 (so far), so you don't have to.

Are you looking to take your agency to new heights in 2024? When it comes to standing out from the crowd, an eye-catching and functional website is imperative. However, with so many options available, finding the right Webflow template for your agency can be tough. 

Here at Wavesdesign, we know how challenging searching for customizable website templates can be. That is why to help you, we’ve put together the best agency Webflow templates for 2024, allowing you to find the perfect option for your brand. 

What are agency Webflow templates?

Your website is usually the first thing that potential clients will see of your agency, so it is vital that you are creating the very best first impression possible. An agency Webflow template will have been specifically designed to help you showcase your brand, packed with all of the features and functions you need, including things such as testimonial pages, portfolio sections, service pages, and more. 

With everything you need, working with these mobile-friendly templates is one of the quickest and most effective ways to create a stunning website. You will be able to easily customize the design to suit your needs, saving you significant time and money when compared to hiring a website developer. 

What are the best agency webflow templates in 2024?

When it comes to finding the perfect webflow template for your agency in 2024, there is a huge array of options out there, but here are our top seven:

1. Concept Lab - Best Seller Agency Template

Concept Lab - Best Seller Agency Template

This modern and fully customizable template is perfect for any agency looking to stand out. With multiple layouts, smooth animations, and a wide choice of features, it is a premium choice for businesses looking to take their online presence to the next level. 

The Concept Lab template has been purposely designed with agencies in mind, offering a selection of home pages, about pages, and project grids, as well as a CMS-powered resource center, industry page, and a stunning contact page that will encourage potential clients to get in touch. 

The template has also been optimized for speed, ensuring fast load times and fantastic response, creating a strong first impression on browsers. 

Concept Lab details:

  • Highly responsive
  • Premium, custom design 
  • 100% customizable 
  • Figma file included 
  • $129

2. Tech Studio - Dark Theme Agency Webflow Template

Tech Studio - Dark Theme Agency Webflow Template

For agencies seeking a sleek, premium website, the Tech Studio template is a wonderful choice. This dark-themed solution is highly responsive and features subtle but powerful animations that immediately capture the attention of visitors. 

The Tech Studio template provides agencies with a choice of layout options, ensuring it is very quick and easy to find the version that suits your needs the best. There are also four CMS collections that allow you to demonstrate your agency’s talent, including Projects, Project Services, Careers, and a Blog. 

The template has also been optimized for response, ensuring a frictionless experience as your visitors click through the site. 

Tech Studio details

  • Optimized response
  • Beautiful dark theme
  • Fully customizable 
  • Figma file included 
  • $129  

3. Positive Studio - Bold Agency Template

Positive Studio - Bold Agency Template

Looking for a multi-layout Webflow template? The Positive Studio design is a world-class option for agencies seeking a premium digital presence. Specifically designed for agencies and creative studios, the template offers modern design and creative animations that are guaranteed to impress visitors. 

The Positive Studio template features a clear and intuitive CMS structure that includes a Blog and a Projects section to show off your work. There is also a full eCommerce feature that allows you to immediately start selling packaged services. 

Positive Studio details 

  • Responsive and optimized designed 
  • Premium template
  • Fast speed
  • Figma file included 
  • $129

4. Clyde - Dark Theme Production Studio Template

Clyde - Dark Theme Production Studio Template

Another great dark themed Webflow template, the Clyde design is perfect for agencies seeking a simple and timeless design. Packed with modern animations, the template is an ideal way to create a sleek and professional online presence no matter the sector you work in. 

The Clyde template comes with a ready-made CMS structure that allows for quick and easy updating of Projects, Services, and the Blog page. There is also an eCommerce setup for those agencies looking to sell products and services right away. 

Clyde details 

  • Highly responsive 
  • Premium dark theme template
  • Optimized for speed
  • Figma file included
  • $79

5. Angle - Big Type Agency Template

Angle - Big Type Agency Template

Angle is a premium dark theme Webflow template, that blends bold and original design with highly creative and engaging animations. Designed with agencies in mind, the template creates a long-lasting and positive impression on visitors. 

The Angle template includes a full CMS setup that comprise of two core collections, Blog and Projects. These two collections allow users to easily share their knowledge and showcase their case studies, while the built-on eCommerce setup ensures you can start selling services immediately. 

Angle details 

  • Responsive design 
  • Premium dark theme design
  • Fully optimized 
  • Figma file included
  • $79

6. Daily - Ultra Minimalistic Template

Daily - Ultra Minimalistic Template

The Daily Webflow template is a stunning minimalist design that has been specifically created for agencies. The timeless design offers a clean and smooth layout, while the subtle animations make a premium impression on every visitor. 

Creating an award-winning style, the Daily template has two CMS collections, Projects and Blog. These two ensure that you are able to fully showcase your agency’s entire skillset through shared knowledge and case studies. The template is also fully optimized to provide rapid load speeds, further enhancing the visitor experience. 

Daily details 

  • Ultra-minimalistic design 
  • Clean CMS structure
  • Optimized for speed
  • Figma file included
  • $79

7. Fabric Studio - Ultimate Agency Template

Fabric Studio - Ultimate Agency Template

If you are looking to make your agency stand out, the Fabric Studio Webflow template is a beautiful design that is guaranteed to set you apart. Having been specifically designed for agencies, this Webflow template offers complete scalability to support you as your business grows. 

The Fabric Studio template has three Home pages, three Studio pages, three Project Grids, a CMS-powered Resource Center, a Pricing page, and a fully operational Shop page, making it very easy to create a stunning digital presence. 

Fabric Studio details 

  • Over 25 pages and 60 sections 
  • Highly responsive design
  • Easy customization 
  • Figma file included
  • $129

Discover your new agency Webflow template today

60+ Premium Webflow Templates

These seven designs are just some of the many agency Webflow templates available. So, if you are looking to elevate your brand and maximize your digital presence in 2024, why not check out our extensive template library today or contact our team, who will be happy to help. 

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January 26, 2024
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